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Recipient: Wild Sheep Foundation Life Member Fund Scholarship

I am proud and honoured to have recently ranked 2nd place in the competition for the Wild Sheep Foundation Life Member Fund Scholarship. The Wild Sheep Foundation is a remarkable conservation organization, with a total global membership count (including chapters and affiliates) of over 20,000 folks, all dedicated to keeping wild sheep on the mountain. I have been a member of the WSF for a little over a year now, and am thrilled to be accepting a scholarship in support of my MSc work. Thank you to the WSF and all their members for the great work you do for wild sheep, and for this support in my journey to being a part of the wild sheep conservation force.

Read the WSF press release here.

"The Life Membership Fund Scholarship is to be awarded to a student in a field related to the Wild Sheep Foundation endeavors. Specifically, degrees in wildlife management, wildlife biology, and wildlife pathology. Area of focus on wild sheep is preferred, but not necessary."

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