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Recipient: Sandra Ann Chisholm MacLean Aitken Graduate Award

I received notice today of being awarded the Sandra Ann Chisholm MacLean Aitken Graduate Award. After learning more about this award, I feel extremely grateful to have received this gift in honour of (and generously donated by) the Aitken family.

I want to express my most sincere and genuine gratitude for their support of Indigenous women in the School of Environmental Studies (SES). There are few Indigenous student in SES, even fewer being female. Direct support, such as this award, to Indigenous women in the program is a meaningful sign that we belong here and gives us courage and empowerment to continue pressing our unique perspectives into the academic institution. I want to finally thank the Aitken family for honouring, respecting, and empowering the matriarchy in our society and in your family. It is an honour to accept this award.

Please take a moment to learn about the Aitken family here.

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