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Introducing the 2021 Environmental Studies graduate student cohort!

The University of Victoria's School of Environmental Studies is a close-knit community of interdisciplinary researchers. Ecological restoration, political ecology, marine sciences, wildlife, fisheries, climate change, and indigenous community-based research are just some of the broad fields of studies being undertaken by this dynamic group of individuals.

2021 marks the largest cohort entering the program since its conception in 2005, with a combination of MSc and PhD students totaling 23 people! In September, we enjoyed a two-day camping trip on Galliano Island at the Galliano Conservancy to get to know each other. Now, over two months later, we are already preparing to wrap up the fall 2021 semester, which has absolutely flown by. It's been a sharp transition for myself getting back into student life, but having these colleagues by my side has sure made it feel like a struggle worth going through.

Credit: Dr. Eric Higgs

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